A/C and heating

The A/C and heating systems in your VW are extremely important to maintain. The comfort level of your vehicle is linked to the efficient operation of these systems. It can be an uncomfortable ride if you are unable to get the cabin cool or warm enough. There are several signs that these systems might need to be replaced, so make sure you pay attention to them. One thing that might happen is a decreased amount of cooling or heat coming from the vents. If you switch on the A/C and it feels warmer than normal, or visa versa, you likely have a problem with the system. You can also notice less severe changes, like a decrease in the amount of air flow coming from the vents. These things can happen due to a buildup of mold in the evaporator or damage to fans or hoses. Another thing to take seriously are any unusual noises when you run these systems. If you hear loud grinding sounds or rattling coming from the vents, you should get them checked out. These systems should be running relatively quietly and smoothly. When you do need to make a replacement, make sure you invest in OEM VW A/C and heating parts from our site.

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