The alternator is a key component under the hood of your VW that helps charge your battery throughout the day. It also helps keep your other electronic components powered. It takes a lot of battery power to keep your vehicle running as it should, which is why the alternator is there for support. Without the alternator functioning properly, a whole host of problems can pop up with other systems in your vehicle. That's why it's important to pay attention to any warning signs that your alternator might be on the fritz so you can get a replacement part as soon as possible. One thing to look out for is a weird smell. A belt slipping on your alternator pulley can cause problems with the power your alternator is being able to generate, producing a strange smell. Loud grinding or whining noises can also be caused by malfunctioning parts in your alternator that have become worn or broken. Since the alternator is tied to many electrical systems in your vehicle as well, the headlights or dashboard lights might start to dim or flicker. Other electronic devices also might start to perform weaker. You can find OEM VW alternator replacements here on our site.

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