Car Covers

It's important to use a car cover to protect your VW whenever you park it somewhere for an extended period of time. Car covers are designed to fit over the entirety of your vehicle and protect it from damage. Your driving experience is improved when you have a car that looks great, and the resale value of your ride will also improve down the line. There are plenty of weather elements that can cause damage to your vehicle. Hail, snow, or even rain can cause damage to the exterior finish on your VW. If your car is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, fading, cracking, and peeling can occur as well over time. Wind damage can also stir up a range of debris like twigs or rocks which can potentially scrape against the sides of your vehicle. Protection from all of these elements can help minimize the amount you need to wash your vehicle too, which can save you time and money. You can still utilize covers when you leave the car parked in the garage as well, as dust still can accumulate on the surface. There are tons of different covers on the market so you can choose a material and color that works for you. Shop our selection of VW car covers today!

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