The ignition system in your VW is comprised of many different parts that work together so your engine is able to start quickly and efficiently. Keeping this system performing well is very important. These parts have to be able to ignite the air and fuel mixture in your car's combustion chamber at just the right time and generate electricity when needed. There are often several warning signs that your ignition system might be failing that happen before it completely wears out. You might stick the key in your starter and find you are unable to turn. If you are able to get it to turn but nothing is happening, this is also the sign of an issue. Hard starts or any failure to start should lead you to getting the ignition system looked at. Dimming headlights or dashboard lights can also be a sign of something wrong, though a less common indicator. If there is a lack of power coming from the ignition system, it can cause stalling on the road. Make sure you get OEM replacement ignition parts for your VW when you notice a problem. OEM ignition parts are going to fit your model's specifications perfectly. Shop our site today.

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