The cooling system under the hood of your VW is made up of several parts, working together to help keep the engine of your car at the right temperature. The radiator is one of the main components in the system. It works by receiving coolant, absorbing heat from it, and sending it back through the engine. The process repeats itself. If the radiator in your vehicle is wearing out, then the cooling process is going to be compromised. Permanent damage can occur to your engine if you fail to make repairs on your radiator or replace it if needed, so paying attention to the condition is crucial. There are several symptoms of a clogged or worn radiator you can look out for. If the engine starts overheating, this can be your first sign of a radiator problem. If your gauge is reading higher than normal, then you need to check out this part to see if it's clogged. Over time, your radiator can develop holes or cracks in the housing fins. This can cause coolant to leak out onto the ground under your car - another sign you need a replacement part! Make sure you get an OEM radiator when shopping for a new part. You can find one here at Volkswagen Santa Monica.

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