Shift Knobs

A shift knob is an accessory in the cabin of your VW that you might not put too much thought into replacing. The shift knob is a necessary part of your shifter. Without a shift knob in place, your hand would not have a place to hold onto when getting into different gears. You want the shift knob, also known as a gear knob, to be as comfortable as possible to use. Even if you drive an automatic transmission, you still use this part when you're getting into park and reverse. You might want to get a replacement shift knob over time because your original one has worn out. This can happen from using this part frequently and even things like exposure to the sun when you leave your car parked outside. Your hand can also slip off the surface if the shift knob has become too loose on the shifter, which can make the process of changing gears dangerous. Apart from making replacements to the shift knob if it's damaged, you might find that you want to change it out simply to add a different look to your interior. You can find all kinds of shift knob options for your VW here on our site.

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