Shocks And Struts

The shocks and struts on your VW are a part of the suspension system, which helps to connect your car to your wheels. The suspension works to keep you in control on the road by helping your vehicle handle all kinds of bumps and dips it might come into contact with on the road. This not only helps improve your ride, but protects your car from wear and tear as well. Even if you're careful, there will eventually be a time where you need to replace some suspension components. While your shocks and struts can handle a lot of use, they will eventually wear out. You should pay attention to signs that you need to get a replacement set. For example, you might notice your car pulling to one side of the road when you're driving. This might simply be a tire tread issue, but worn suspension parts can also be the culprit. If your car feels like it is pulling or drifting during turns, you could have issues with suspension parts as well. A bumpier ride or bouncing over dips should lead you to check out your shocks and struts as well. You can find OEM VW shocks, struts, and other suspension parts here at Volkswagen Santa Monica.

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