When it comes to the operation of your VW's engine, the thermostat plays an important role. The thermostat works to regulate the flow of coolant to and from your engine, and it will open or shut as needed to do so. There is a sensor in the thermostat that will open when your engine is warm and needs coolant, and your thermostat will shut to stop coolant as needed. Your engine has to be kept in the right temperature range for it to operate at peak performance. That's why keeping your thermostat in good condition is so important, and why you should replace it if you notice any signs of wear and tear. One key indicator of a problem with your thermostat is if your temperature gauge spikes into the red zone soon after starting your car - usually within the first fifteen minutes that your engine has been running. You might also notice temperature fluctuations as you run your vehicle. These are dramatic spikes and drops that will cause your engine to have problems running efficiently. You can also check to see if there is leaking coolant around your thermostat housing. Find an OEM thermostat for your VW here on our site when you need to make a replacement.

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